Edifying Conversations #2, 27.7.2018

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It was fantastic seeing you at our event. It was even more wonderful engaging with you on so many topics!

I’ve come away greatly emboldened, inspired and humbled.

I really enjoyed the discussions on the concept of the For-Purpose Enterprise. I am grateful to our panelists, Syarina Hashim (of myHarapan), Cheong Yuk Wai (of CyberCare) and Jackie Yap (of HiGi Energy), for contributing to the various discussion topics, from each of their unique backgrounds.

  • By way of an example, Gin Chee (of CyberCare) asked the panelists about the dilemma where donors want to see evidence of impact now when your work can only bring improvements in the long term.
  • Jackie used the Theory of Change concept, and would communicate with his investors on the process of effecting positive change. This has worked well for him in meeting investors’ expectations.
  • Syarina shared the tip of celebrating quick wins with donors, while updating them on the long-term process from time to time.
  • Yuk Wai noted that different stakeholders often come from different places. It is important to listen to what donors are actually saying. Listening carefully helps to eliminate assumptions.WhatsApp Image 2018-08-02 at 2.30.39 AM

On hindsight, although we have targeted the event on social entrepreneurs and budding social entrepreneurs, with a theme on using one’s purpose for raising funds, we have not properly covered this in the evening’s discussions. Please have my apologies for that! We must break down the topics into smaller parcels and aim to achieve more depth next time.

Last but not least, my thanks to Dash of Startup Malaysia for hosting us at The Loop, and the wonderful volunteers from HiGi for helping to organise the event.

I’ll see you again soon.

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